In recognition of all the individuals who have made a donation to the project so far:

Albert Tucker
Allan Mosher
Allan W. Mosher
Andy Dawson
Anthony Vanella
Barry Lemley
Betty J Green
Buck Clippard
Buni Heile & Axel Buchhold
Charles C. Wade
Chris Cavanaugh
Dennis Knutson
Des Drea
Diane VanderZanden
Ed Lewis
Edward F. Sommers
Eric Kvittem
Eric Woodman
Erno Peres
Eugene Vricella
Fouad A Haddad
Francis Schlater
Frank Okata
Gary A, Correll
George A. Macdonald
George E. Brown
Gerald Donohoe
Jack H Omohundro
Jay Gordon
Jill Maninger
John A. Horvath
John G. Donnelan
John T. Smith or Jack Smith
Josef Kollar
Julius Succhi
Jurgen Jacobs
In Memory of Kenneth J Wilson
Read Ken's Bio
Donations made by:

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bishop
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Dix
Mr. Hiland Fairbanks
Mrs. Ralph Johanson
Mr. and Mrs. Oren Holms
Mr. and Mrs. William Hunt
Mrs. Ruth H Leinau
Mr. and Mrs. George Mason
Mr. James Weiss

Lawrence H Vanderberg
Lee Alder
Lenor Balme
Lynn Dawson
M. Joel Thompson
Marc & Susan Lanci
(Michael) Kelly Cusack
Michelle N. Fedder
Pamela Price
Pat BoJan
Peter W. Pierce
Piotr Stopczyk
Richard W. Leche, Jr.
Rober M. Knoblauch
Robert Horn
Robert Howson
Robert Knox
Robert Reynolds
Rosamond K Griffith
Samuel P. Leinbach
Stephen B. Vernon
Suzanne Perkins
Teresa D. Waren
Thomas McLaughlin
Todd Estabrook
Tom Stanges
Tom Stone
Ululani Minn Jung
Universal Weather & Aviation
Waguih Ouess
Will Skadsberg
William A. Pitsker
Zeda B. Moser


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