The Pan Am Reunion was a fitting kick-off for the production of the Pan Am Documentary Project. Like the nearly 2000 Pan Am employees and Pan Am fans, our Project will celebrate the greatest adventure story of the 20th Century, the saga of Pan American World Airways.

One of the most moving events at the Reunion which the crew covered was a ceremony held at the Lockerbie Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery honoring the victims of the Lockerbie terrorist bombing.

The documentary crew also shot interviews of many of the pioneers and historians of the company at the Pan Am 2001 Reunion including: Robert Gandt- former Pan Am captain and author of China Clipper and Skygods.

Andy Dawson - a mechanic for PAA- Africa, followed by a 40 year career with the company in maintenance, engineering, marketing, and human resources. He is co-author of Pan Africa- Across the Sahara in 1941 with Pan Am.

Ed Dover - a former Flight Radio Officer and author of The Long Way Home.

Valerie Lester - a stewardess for Pan Am in the '60s and author of Fasten Your Seatbelts! History and Heroism in the Pan Am Cabin.

Jay Koren - a former flight attendant who worked in every regional division over his 40 year career with Pan Am. He is author of The Company We Kept.

Moon Chin - former CNAC pilot who flew many mission over the Hump, including delivering Jimmy Doolite from China after his historic bombing raid over Tokyo.

Stanley Gewirtz - Stanley worked on both sides of the airline regulatory fence, as a lawyer for the CAB, then as a Pan Am employee with a long and distinguished career in marketing and public relations.

On the final night of the Reunion, a banquet was held in the Baltimore Convention Center. Producer Jeffrey Mills presented a trailer for the Pan Am Documentary Project which received a request for an encore showing.




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