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Rather than a traditional chronological examination of the history of Pan Am, the documentary film will look at this subject in the context of important currents in American history. It will also be a very "human" tale, focusing on all the extraordinary people who were associated with the company. Juan Trippe and his uncanny vision for the future of commercial aviation will play a key part. The film and companion educational programs will also use the story of Pan Am to undertake a much broader look at the 20th century. It will study the unique aspects of the our American culture that made men like Juan Trippe and companies like Pan Am possible, why this part of our culture is important, and what the repercussions are for Americans now that these men and women are uncommon in today's world.

The documentary film will premiere at major film festivals throughout the world. The Producers hope to follow these screenings with a theatrical release within the domestic and international "art" theatre circuit and/or broadcast distribution on channels such as The National Geographic Channel, PBS, The Sundance Channel, HBO, or A&E along with international broadcast and cable markets as well. Following the broadcast premiere, the film will be distributed for home video sales and institutional sales to schools, libraries, and aviation organizations. The DVD-ROM will initially be donated to a targeted geographical educational area (see full Outreach Proposal) and then will seek an educational distributor for a wider national and international distribution.

The target release date for the documentary and DVD-ROM is October 28th, 2003, coinciding with the 76th anniversary of Pan Am's first commercial service. This time frame also coincides with the celebration for the Centenial of Powered Flight, December 17th, 2003. Initial shooting for On the Wings of Giants began at the Pan Am 2001 Reunion in Baltimore, September 27-30, 2001.

Initial Funding
The Producers hope to raise sufficient funds to begin shooting interviews by the end of the summer of 2002. This is a critical component for the documentary and DVD-ROM, as many of the pioneers of the company and this era will not be with us much longer. To make your much appreciated tax deductible donation, review the full Outreach Proposal (440 kb PDF), or contact the Project Director, Jeffrey Mills via e-mail or phone at 713-661-6677. We will also be glad to mail you any of the proposals in a printed form.



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