Filmmakers Jeffrey Mills and David Hoffman have joined their considerable talents and production teams in an alliance to produce the feature documentary film and educational outreach programs of the Pan Am Documentary Project. Their two companies bring over 50 years of production experience to this project in both broadcast documentary production as well as interactive communications.

Jeffrey Mills is President of Io Communications. Io produces documentaries and documentary-style corporate communication and interactive programs for fortune 500 companies such as Compaq Computer Corporation, Chevron, Duke Energy, Cooper Industries, Raytheon, and Universal Weather and Aviation. Jeffrey has worked in the film industry for nearly 24 years and he has been researching the history of Pan Am since 1995.

David Hoffman heads Varied Directions International (VDI), one of the country's leading producers of prime time PBS and cable television programs. For over 30 years, VDI has created, developed, produced and distributed hundreds of on and off air programs. This includes 78 television specials and series that have aired on PBS, Discovery, Turner, HBO, and A&E, and on many TV systems around the world. VDI programs have won top prizes at most major national and international competitions including the 1995 Peabody award for the four-part Turner Broadcast series, Moon Shot.

Among Hoffman's other television accomplishments are the six-part PBS series Making Sense of the Sixties, the Time Warner series Ten Who Dared with Anthony Quinn, and the 1998 HBO special Cinderella Season. Hoffman has also produced for popular series such as PBS's "The American Experience," "NOVA," and Turner Broadcasting's "Portrait of America" and "Portrait of the World."



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