11/17-11/26/06 Producers film in Foynes, Ireland

The film's producers travelled to Foynes, Ireland where Pan Am located its first trans Atlantic terminal in 1939. The B-314, Yankee Clipper would ply the skies between La Guardia and this picturesque Irish village on the Shannon River during the war years. Shannon Airport would eventually replace Foynes as a destination after land planes grabbed a foothold during the war.

In Foynes today, a wonderful museum preserves the history of this dramatic period of Pan Am's history. And recently, the facility added a full scale replicate of the Yankee Clipper, built by a Dublin motion picture set designer.

Our crew interviewed Margaret O'Shaughnessy, the curator of the museum, Bill Fallover, the builder of the 314 and filmed throughout this world class facility.

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