3/27/03 Producers perform research in Miami

Through a generous donation from the Marjorie Evans Foundation, Io Communications was able to spend a week at the Pan Am historical archives located at the Richter Library on the campus of the University of Miami.

The research team made up of Jeffrey Mills, Barbara Mills, Kerry Maniam, and Raymond Gayle each had a computer and scanner that they used to digitize photos in the collection that chronicle the history of Pan Am from its inception in 1927 to its last days in 1991.

The team was able to collect over 750 images, which now brings the Pan Am Documentary Project collection to over 1000. These pictures will be used in both the feature documentary film and the educational DVD-ROM. Visit the Photo Gallery soon to see samples of our scanning added to this online collection.

Many thanks to Marjorie Evans for making this important research trip possible, to Raymond Gayle for volunteering to help us in this quest, and for Craig Likness and staff at the Richter for their help during our stay at the library archives.


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