1/22/03 Producers interview Jimmy Buffett

Legendary songwriter/singer, author, and seaplane pilot Jimmy Buffett was interviewed for the Pan Am Documentary Project at his offices in Florida.

Mr. Buffett has had a long-standing love of aviation, particularly seaplanes. He has owned and flown a Lake Renegade 250, deHavilland Beaver, Grumman Widgeon, and Grumman Albatross. The Albatross figures prominently in several of his books; A Pirate Looks at Fifty and Where is Joe Merchant?

Jimmy was also a history major in college, and he has a deep appreciation for how Pan Am not only developed the science of commercial aviation, but also offered Americans a never-to-be equaled era of international travel full of adventure and romance.

Follow his adventures in the Hemisphere Dancer (the albatross) on his Margaritaville Web site.


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