7/16/99 to 7/18/99 - The Pan Am Documentary Project Team Begins Work

Members of the Pan Am Documentary Project production team and board of advisors met in Austin, Texas at the Four Seasons Hotel to begin work on this media initiative to examine the dramatic story of Pan American Airways, its importance to the history of aviation, and its influence on the course of American history.

The PAA Documentary GroupAttending the meeting were (left to right) Ron Davies, Project Historian and author of Pan Am, An Airline and its Aircraft and publisher of one of the worlds most comprehensive series of aviation books; Bill Moore, Post Production Supervisor; Kerry Maniam, Interactive Manager; Barbara Mills, Graphics Manager; Jeffrey Mills, Co-Producer and Writer/Director; David Hoffman, Executive Producer of the Pan Am Documentary Project; Jonathan Gordon, Writing Consultant; and via phone conference, Robert Daley, renown author and historian and writer of the definitive biography of Juan Trippe, An American Saga.

Participants discussed the content and style of the feature documentary as well as methods of funding, distribution, and promotion. They also viewed videotapes, 16mm films, and reviewed research material and literature already collected for the Project about Pan Am.

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