Some of the greatest resources for a documentary film do not come from established archives or libraries, but from the people who lived the history. If you can share any of the things listed below, our story will be so much richer and our mission to preserve the memory of Pan Am for the next generation will succeed.

We are seeking help from former Pan Am employees, passengers, and enthusiasts in the following areas:

Physical Artifacts

Do you have photos from Pan Am, either airplanes, facilities, or individuals associated with the company? The Producers can pay for shipping of photos to our headquarters in Houston where they will be scanned and promptly returned. If you have concerns about mailing valuable items, confer with us. We may be able to scan your collection at your location if our researchers or film crews plan to be in your city.

Films or Videos
Do you have any original 16mm or 8mm footage or good quality video transfers of film about Pan Am. This could be either official company footage or home movies made by employees or travelers. Home movies are especially valuable as they capture unique perspectives of the company's operation or what it was like to travel on Pan Am.

Printed Material
Do you have Pan Am advertisements, schedules, or other Pan Am related printed items. As with the photos described above, we can pay for shipping of these materials to our headquarters in Houston where they will be scanned and promptly returned.

Do you have copies of music or radio programs that had to do with Pan Am. Talk to us about sharing these items with us. We will make a dub of the audio program and return your original promptly.

Historical Information

Oral Histories
Do you have, or know of someone who has, unique memories or stories about Pan Am. We may want to interview you on camera or record an audio oral history. Also, we may want to put you story on the Web site in the Adventure Stories section.

Leads on the Remains of Pan Am
The producers will be shooting at many of the original air terminals for Pan Am. Are there Pan Am facilities or artifacts that still exist that we may want to know about?

Contact Information
If you can help us in any of the above categories, please contact us as soon as possible at 713-661-6677 or by e-mail at



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