14 June 2001

Mr. Jeffrey Mills, President
Io Communications
5310 Bissonnet
Houston, Texas 77401

Re: Letter of Agreement, addendum to Sponsored Project contract for "The Pan Am Project"

As a nonprofit media arts center, Southwest Alternate Media Project is interested in supporting the efforts of individual filmmakers by providing fiscal sponsorship to selected non-commercial projects.

This is to confirm that our fiscal sponsorship extends specifically to the "Educational Outreach Program" elements of "The Pan Am Documentary Project," which is understood to be primarily a commercial venture. These educational resources, as described in your proposal of May 29, 2001, include the development and production of a DVD-ROM and a Teacher's Guide. The accompanying two-hour documentary film about Pan Am will be subtitled in five languages on the DVD-ROM. The first 2500 copies of the DVD-ROM discs will be donated and distributed to Houston area schools, libraries, and universities without charge. The development of the related website for the project is being underwritten by Io Communications.

The budget for the production of the educational DVD-ROM and related elements is estimated at this time to $241, 378, of which SWAMP will receive 7.5% in administrative fees of monies donated up to this amount.

This agreement may be rescinded or amended in writing by either party at any time.


Signed and Dated:


see the actual letter


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